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mardi 19 mai 2015

The Hermeneutic of Vatican II and the Metaphysics of Participation

            We have the pleasure to inform our readers, that we already published a new study (in italian) on the the hermeneutic of Vatican II and the metaphysics of participation. It can be downloaded in the section Publications en libre accès (on the left side of this page), or directly here: 

In this study, we have sought to establish if and how the metaphysics of participation can offer a valid instrument for the “hermeneutics of reform in continuity”, which Pope Benedict XVI encouraged for a correct understanding of Vatican II. Using the ontology of Cornelio Fabro and the ecclesiology of Charles Journet as inspiration, we have studied and organized under this light five great novelties of the Council: 1. the “subsistence” of the Church of Christ in the Catholic Church, which alone has the totality of the means of salvation, refers to “ecclesiality per essentiam”; 2. The presence of “elements of sanctification” beyond the visible limits of the Catholic Church manifests the reality of an “ecclesiality per participationem”; 3. the “strains of truth”, at work in the non-Christian communities and denominations are interpreted as means that manifest the participability of the human condition to Christic Revelation; 4. civil liberty in religious matters, results from the transcendence of the human person with respect to the State in this sphere; 5. the existence of a twofold subject of supreme magisterial and jurisdictional power in the Church, constitutes a very particular case of univocal participation in the same perfection.

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